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The Turn-Key Staffing Solution for Theme Parks, Resorts, Hotels and Zoos.

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Theatrically-trained personnel surprise and delight guests delivering service and showmanship as part of their daily routine.

Bid adieu to seasonal staffing challenges and allow RWS Staffing to raise your guest experience with a team of theatrically-trained performers carefully recruited, trained and placed in key positions including guest relations, front desk, retail, operations and entertainment. Planned and spontaneous performances will have guests and fellow team members cheering for more.

RWS Entertainment Group brings the thrill of live entertainment to the queue line, frontline and kick line.

The Positions We Fill

Guest Services, Ticketing and Turnstiles
Queue Line Support
Game Operations
Theatre and Attraction Hosting
Activity Operations
Character Hosts
Education Hosts and Tour Guides

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Meet The Team Committed To:

Raise Your Experience

Executive Leadership

RWS makes you feel like you are their only client...

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Senior Directors & Directors

The entertainment brand licensing leader.

Holland America Line

James Weiss

Business and Legal Affairs

I handle all Legal needs for the company, from client and vendor contracting to policy development and advisement.

Few fun facts:
In his spare time James works on developing ideas for television and film.

Carlos Avilas

Executive Creative Producer

Fun FactMy last name spelled backwards is: SALIVA.

What I Do at RWSI am involved from creation to execution of the incredible entertainment and experiences for our theme parks, resorts, retail and corporate clients, and much more while managing a team of Creative Producers.

TaglineLover of pie in the sky.

Abby Buell

Senior Director, Marketing

Fun Fact I performed at Disney World as a child.
What I Do at RWS I tell the story of our bold makers and mold breakers.
TaglineEat the frog — do the hardest task first thing in the morning!

Jeremy Doucette

VP, Art Director

Fun FactI sang the national anthem at a Milwaukee Brewers MLB game in 1998.

What I Do at RWSI oversee all creative design areas of our show production and office including scenic, wardrobe, lighting, video and graphics.

TaglineThe designer eye of RWS.

Matt Hamel

Associate Director, Design

Fun FactI grew up in Kansas but have never seen a tornado.

What I Do at RWSI create visual designs for a vast range of projects and help coordinate the overall look with our creative teams to ensure a high quality product.

TaglineCreating it “better than you ever imagined”.

Lauren Kadel

Senior Show Supervisor

Fun FactI’m from Wichita, KS and have never seen a twister.

What I Do at RWSWhile setting policies and procedures within the department, I also help remount and stage productions for the Holland America Line cruise account.

Tagline5,6,7,8 CHECK IT OFF GAL.

Kevin T. Kreczko

Senior Director, Business Development

Fun Fact
I love anything that sparkles!

What I Do at RWSI oversee Business Development of Events and Attractions from design to installation, providing services for theming, décor, light show spectaculars and brand activations.

TaglineSparkle and Shine…Brightening and Frightening your Experience!

Clayton Landiss

Director, Technical Services

Fun FactI have traveled to over 20 countries…and continue to add more!

What I Do at RWSI handle the budget, logistics, and project timeline for large scale installations and immersive experiences.

TaglineThere is no spoon.

Josué Román

Finance Director

Fun FactI studied abroad in Italy and China while I went to Law School in Puerto Rico.

What I Do at RWSI execute the day to day finance duties to ensure RWS Entertainment Group and Binder Casting accounting books are in order and up to date.

TaglineDid you say money? I’ll take care of it!

Elizabeth Sauter

Casting Director

Fun FactI grew up golfing and was a competitive golfer – still waiting for that elusive hole in one!

What I Do at RWSI am a Casting Director at RWS, auditioning performers all over the world for our exciting projects. I love seeing the characters on the page become real people in the audition room!

TaglineLet’s have some fun!

Franklyn Warfield

Senior Casting Director

Fun FactI went through months of training to become a professional roller skater for Starlight Express.

What I Do at RWSI oversee our in-house Casting Team, leading an annual global Audition Tour in search of the highest level of talent for our clients’ projects.

TaglineThe FBI talent finder.

Senior Managers & Managers

...professional, creative, and true partners.


Chris Bendall

Facilities Manager

Fun FactI can juggle, unicycle, breathe fire, stilt walk and make magic happen.

What I Do at RWSI coordinate studio rentals, performer housing, equipment moves and general building operations.

TaglineWhen you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

Autumn Cohen Bendall

Assistant Manager, Costume Design & Operations

Fun FactI own a large collection of Nightmare Before Christmas memorabilia.

What I Do at RWSI design, execute, maintain and organize costumes for our client accounts, ensuring a high quality standard of all garments appearing on stage.

TaglineThe quiet storm.

Amy Cannon

Senior Artistic Manager

Fun FactI am an avid runner, wellness enthusiast and fitness fanatic.

What I Do at RWSI oversee client accounts from start to finish with a focus on creative development, script writing, audio design, directing and lead producing.

TaglineThe forewoman on the forefront.

Chris Christiana

Senior Creative Producer

Fun FactHe has been a proud member of the Rhythm Nation since its inception.

What I Do at RWSI oversee all aspects of production for theme parks, resorts, retail and corporate events, including creative direction and producing.

TaglineBe the river, not the rock.

Jacquelyn Cox

Senior Production Manager

Fun FactI am an honorary Newfoundlander ( Screech, Cod and all )!

What I Do at RWSIn the Experiences Department, I manage production and logistics of experiential activations and immersive installations from conception to realization.

TaglineJacq of all trades.

Robbie Eicher

Senior Artistic Manager

Fun FactI am an American Civil War & Political History buff who has read over 100 books and articles on the subjects.

What I Do at RWSI oversee client accounts from start to finish and run the entire Music and Audio division for the Global Entertainment productions, creating musical soundtracks of the highest commercial quality.

TaglineIf you need a joke, or comic relief moment…I’m your guy!

Nina Filipowich

Manager, Production Services

Fun Fact After performing in RWS shows at 5 different theme parks, I lived in Denmark for a year.

What I Do at RWSI oversee all aspects of production for theme parks, resorts, retail and corporate events, including creative direction and producing.

TaglineI’ll do it!

Will Jennings

Production Manager | Business Development

Fun FactMy most used social media account is goodreads.

What I Do at RWSIn the Experiences Department, I manage production and logistics of experiential activations and immersive installations from conception to realization.

TaglineThe man behind the fire extinguisher.

Meghan Murphy

Senior Office Manager | Executive Assistant to the CEO

Fun FactMy favorite word is FOXY.

What I Do at RWSI oversee all daily office operations as well as provide Executive Assistant duties to our CEO.

TaglineI’m right on top of that Rose!

Lauren Pennington

Senior Production Manager

Fun FactThere isn’t a color of the rainbow that I don’t have in a tattoo!

What I Do at RWSI handle the logistics, coordination and management of cast changeovers for our production shows.

TaglineProblem Solver Extraordinaire.

Broc Power

Production Manager, Music

Fun FactI’m probably the last person on Earth who still shoots film.

What I Do at RWSI oversee all operational and creative logistics for our music programs.

TaglineAt night the stars, they put on a show for free.

Jennifer Roller

Production Manager

Fun FactI’ve tap danced on stage with Savion Glover.

What I Do at RWSI play a key role in the logistics, coordination and management of installing top-notch entertainment onto large cruise ships for Holland America Line and Virgin Voyages.

TaglineI wear as many hats as possible.


Jenna Snyder

Manager, Props & Scenic

Fun FactI enjoy blacksmithing and shooting bow and arrow to relax.

What I Do at RWSWorking with our Producers and Directors, I design and execute scenic elements and props that bring our productions to life.

TaglineWithout me, the stage is naked.

Senior Supervisors & Supervisors

They have elevated the quality of our shows.

Hershey Entertainment and Resorts


On the cutting edge.

Cedar Fair